Pro Bono

Reilly is a vibrant part of the Denver community where we live and work. As part of our culture we strongly encourage our lawyers and professional staff to participate in pro bono legal representation and community service activities. Our pro bono work includes not only large, complex cases involving broad-based policy issues, but also the representation of individuals who could not otherwise afford legal representation. In 2011, we were named the “Law Firm of the Year” by the Colorado Lawyers Committee and received the organization’s award of special recognition for our work in the Legal Center v. Bicha, et al. matter.

Same-Sex Marriage

Reilly’s John M. McHugh served as the lead attorney in the pro bono representation of nine same-sex couples who are challenging the constitutionality of Colorado’s laws prohibiting same-sex couples from marrying and refusing to recognize the marriages of same-sex couples entered into in other states. McDaniel-Miccio, et al. v. State of Colorado. Major public pleadings filed in the action captioned McDaniel-Miccio, et al. v. State of Colorado and Brinkman, et al. v. Long. Both actions were consolidated in front of the Honorable C. Scott Crabtree of the Seventeenth Judicial District.

Disability Rights

Reilly’s John C. Hanley (Jack) has long been passionate about disability rights. Initially drawn to the cause because of his daughter’s struggle with serious learning disabilities as a child, Jack’s advocacy began in 1990 when he was asked by Disability Law Colorado (DLC) to speak on their behalf at an event following the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act. He continued his support of DLC by serving on their Board of Directors as chair, vice-president, and president (currently).

Jack’s deep commitment to helping people with disabilities led him to assembling a “Jail Wait” team, which worked hard to fight for the wellbeing of Colorado’s underserved, and often overlooked, jailed population. Jack served as a partner on litigation alongside four other top-notch lawyers from Reilly LLP for over eight years to ensure that this vulnerable part of Colorado’s population, those incarcerated, received prompt evaluation and treatment of mental illness.

While much of Jack’s passion for helping people with disabilities exists in the courtroom, he also chooses to support them while they’re having fun. With Jack’s encouragement, Reilly LLP supported a ski program for people with disabilities in Winter Park, Colorado by sponsoring a ski team with at least one person with a disability. The program was a huge success and became the National Sports Center for the Disabled, a program that provides more than 18,000 lessons for people with disabilities to learn more about sports and themselves.

Jack is proud of what the ADA has accomplished but believes that it is just the start towards protecting the rights of people with disabilities. He is deeply committed to the defense and support of people with disabilities by making their voices heard, and being their voice when they are not. The Reilly LLP team supports Jack in all of his efforts to make the world a better and more inclusive place for those with disabilities.

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