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Kyle is an experienced in-house graphic designer who works closely with The Firm’s trial attorneys to devise visual strategy for a case, create effective graphics to support that strategy, and present these graphics in court using the latest audio-visual equipment and specialized trial presentation software.

A good graphic can be worth a thousand words especially when illustrating complex legal or factual concepts in the courtroom to juries that include visual learners. The vast majority of litigators outsource their visual strategy, often late in the process. At Reilly, persuasive courtroom visuals are an essential part of our strategy from day one.

Kyle is an integral member of The Firm’s trial teams. He sits in on early strategy meetings and, after a thorough review of materials and arguments, works with the team to select key points to be expressed visually in court. He then presents the team (including the client) with a range of storyboards featuring potential case themes, color schemes, underlying tones and other supporting and persuasive visual elements.

When a final strategy has been selected, Kyle creates and revises the visuals, organizes them, and seamlessly conducts the actual presentation in court.

In 2012, Kyle was part of the volunteer group of legal professionals given the “Team of the Year” award by the Colorado Lawyers Committee for their work on a pro bono case.

Kyle holds an undergraduate degree in graphic design from Metropolitan State College of Denver. He also took business and marketing courses. During college, he was employed with the Office of Student Publications, where he was responsible for all printed and electronic publications and materials, including the weekly The Metropolitan newspaper.

Kyle has worked on important courtroom visuals for the following cases:

In a pharmaceutical mass tort action, thousands of plaintiffs are pursuing personal injury claims against GlaxoSmithKline, which manufactures Avandia—a drug for the treatment of Type-2 diabetes. In several clinical studies, Avandia has been shown to increase the risk of heart attack, congestive heart failure and other cardiac-related deaths. Joe Zonies represents over 100 of these plaintiffs and has been named to the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee for the case—which leads the litigation on behalf of all plaintiffs from across the country.

Reilly has been approved by the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy court to act as Lehman’s national coordinating and lead trial counsel in prosecuting claims against mortgage loan originators that sold Lehman defective loans, and to respond to billions of dollars in claims filed against the Lehman estate.

When Lincoln Memorial Life Insurance Company, Memorial Service Life Insurance Company and National Prearranged Services went into receivership, life and health guaranty associations in 44 states stepped in to provide coverage to the holders of the prepaid funeral contracts sold by these entities. Reilly represents the National Organization of Life and Health Insurance Guarantee Associations in a multi-state effort to recover some of these $660 million in losses from the family-owned conglomerate that allegedly perpetrated a variety of frauds to steal the money.

“In addition to my background in the visual arts, I am a musician/songwriter/guitarist. I’ve made several records and toured nationwide with a number of bands, including The Ray-Ons, Jealous Ex-Lovers and LeBoom. I also worked in the film industry as a scenic artist, creating set design for Dewey-Obenchain Films, NBC and No Budge Productions.”



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